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Reminder – Semestrets sidste kredsmøde


Tirsdag d. 25. november, kl. 19.00-22.00

Tirsdag d. 2. december, kl. 19.00-22.00

Oplægsholder: Jørn Erslev Andersen, Lektor ved Institut for Æstetiske Fag

Titel: Intellektuel anskuelse hos Hölderlin

Tekstmateriale: Udvalgte tekstpassager fra Hölderlin.

Mødested: Studenternes Hus, Mødelokale 1 2.3, Aarhus Universitet

Call for papers – The Kant Yearbook


is now accepting submissions for its second issue in 2010. The KANT YEARBOOK is an international journal that publishes articles on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. It is the KANT YEARBOOK’s goal to intensify innovative research on Kant on the international scale. For that reason the KANT YEARBOOK prefers to publish articles in English, however articles in German will also be considered. Each issue will be dedicated
to a specific topic.

The second issue’s topic is: METAPHYSICS.

All papers, historical or systematic, related to the problem of METAPHYSICS in Kant’s philosophy are welcome, though there is a strong preference for papers focusing on the classical theoretical meaning of METAPHYSICS like in metaphysica specialis (soul, world/universe, God) and metaphysica generalis (ontology). However, contemporary approaches to METAPHYSICS as they relate to Kantian topics like appearance–thing-in-itself, primary and secondary qualities, substance, causality, freedom, idealism, realism, etc. are also welcome.

The KANT YEARBOOK practices double-blind review, i.e. the reviewers are not aware of the identity of a manuscript’s author, and the author is not aware of the reviewer’s identity. Submitted manuscripts must be anonymous; that is the authors’ names and references to their work capable of identifying them are not to appear in the manuscript.

Detailed instructions and author guidelines are available at

For further information contact the editor or the publisher Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York (

Paper submissions should go to

Deadline for submission is May 10, 2009.

Editor: Dietmar H. Heidemann (Hofstra University/University of Luxembourg).

Editorial Board: Henry E. Allison (University of California at Davis), Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame), Gordon Brittan (Montana State University), Klaus Düsing (University of Cologne), Daniel O. Dahlstrom (Boston University), Kristina Engelhard (University of Cologne), Hannah Ginsborg (University of California at Berkeley), Michelle Grier (University of San Diego), Thomas Grundmann (University of Cologne), Paul Guyer (University of Pennsylvania), Robert Hanna (University of Colorado at Boulder), Georg Mohr (University of Bremen), Angelica Nuzzo (Brooklyn College/CUNY), Robert Stern (Sheffield University), Dieter Sturma (University of Bonn), Ken Westphal (University of Kent), Markus Willaschek (University of Frankfurt).

Publisher: De Gruyter Berlin/New York

Dietmar H. Heidemann
Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549 USA
phone: 516.463.1001

Hegel Konference i Istanbul

Monokl-Cogito International Hegel Congress
Bahçeşehir University (Beşiktaş Campus)

14-16 November 2008

Full program details
Conference homepage:

Wolfgang Welsch
Reconsidering Hegel’s Idealism

Klaus Vieweg
Hegel über die Einheit von theoretischer und praktischer Philosophie

Ralf Beuthan
Erfahrung und spekulatives Denken

Claus Arthur Scheier
Die Logik von Rousseaus zweitem Discours und Hegels “Wissenschaft der Erfahrung des Bewusstseyns“”

Çetin Türkyılmaz
Hegel on the Concept of Realization

Tom Rockmore
Is Hegel’s Phenomenology phenomenological?”

Robert Stern
Is Hegel’s Dialectic of Self-Consciousness in the Phenomenology a Refutation of Solipsism?

Kenneth R. Westphal
Hegel’s Phenomenological Critique of the Content of our Categories: a conspectus

Wolfgang Bonsiepen
Die Phänomenologie des Geistes im Kontext der Denkentwicklung Hegels in der
Jenaer Zeit

Dietmar Heidemann
The Method of Skepticism in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit

David Gray Carlson
The Role of Fear in Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic

Sebastian Roedl
Hegel’s concept of the idea

Italo Testa
Spirit and Habit

Matthias Haussler
Some implications of The Phenomenology of Spirit for Hegel´s subsequent system(s)

Klaus Brinkmann
Does Hegel’s System need The Phenomenology of Spirit?

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Reminder – Semestrets fjerde kredsmøde

Tirsdag d. 11. november, kl. 19.00-22.00

Oplægsholder: Rasmus Ugilt, ph.d.-studerende

Tekstmateriale: Første del af Schellings System der gesammten Philosophie und der Naturphilosophie insbesondere fra 1804.

Mødested: Studenternes Hus, Mødelokale 1, Aarhus Universitet