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Call for Papers – German Idealism and religion

2010 ISRLC Conference, University of Oxford

Abstracts are now being sought for a panel on German Idealism at the 2010 International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture conference taking place at the University of Oxford next September on the topic, “Attending to the Other: Critical Theory and Spiritual Practice”.

German Idealism and Religion Panel

Our contemporary preoccupations with self/other relations can be traced back directly to the German Idealist dialectic of Same and Other. The task of this panel will be to uncover critical theory’s presuppositions and prejudices on this topic by excavating their philosophical and theological origins in German Idealism. Questions that may be considered include: To what extent does Hegel’s master-slave dialectic still determine how we conceive the other? Did Kantian phenomenalism foreclose the possibility of experiencing otherness? Is Hölderlin’s expectant anticipation of the coming god an appropriate manner in which to attend to the other? The panel welcomes papers that focus not just on German Idealism narrowly considered (Kant, Fichte, Schelling and Hegel), but also the various theologies, romanticisms and materialisms which emerged out of it in the first half of the nineteenth century, as well as its legacy in contemporary critical and religious theories.

Deadline: March 30, 2010.

Please see the conference website: for more details on submitting abstracts and the call for papers for other panels running at the conference (including critical theory and continental philosophy of religion).

Semestrets fjerde kredsmøde

Tirsdag den 17. november, kl. 19-22

Oplægsholder: Jakob Lautrup Kristensen

Tekstmateriale: G.W.F. Hegel, Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts – Die Sittlichkeit. Erster Abschnitt §§142-181 og Zweiter Abschnitt §§182-256

Mødested: Studenternes Hus, mødelokale 2,3, Aarhus Universitet